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There is more to magic than card tricks and pulling coins out of someone's ear. Card tricks involve simple mathematics, and just by hiding the coin in the palm of their hand, magicians can convince anyone that it turned into a mint. However, in order to create real magic, magicians understand the secrets, the aura, and the illusion that makes an audience believe that they really can transport animals through space,or that they can really can make inanimate objects float. Magicians are more than tricksters. They are careful artists who can make people believe in the unbelievable.

It takes a special person to be a magician. Magicians have a wonderful rapport with the audience, which they use to bring people on fantastical journeys. They use comedy, music, theatrics, and lighting to create memorable occasions for everyone. Some magicians create a character for themselves, and perform in full costume and makeup under that persona. This helps lend an aura of mystery and intrigue to the performance.

Magicians often support themselves with other part-time jobs. Those who love magic and cannot imagine doing anything else will work hard to build enough of a reputation that they can leave their day jobs and focus on performing magic full-time.

Performing is not the only job of the magician. They have to study, practice, and create new routines. They advertise themselves in creative ways in order to drum up new business. They travel, meet with club owners, agents, and party planners, making arrangements for upcoming shows. Magicians can also be members of agencies or associations, and find work and training courses though these means.

Making magic believable is never easy. But the truly talented, dedicated magicians are able to make us believe that we, too, could float, evaporate, and break down walls with our bare hands.
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Regent University

Regent University is one of the nation’s leading academic centers for Christian thought and action.

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  • M.A. in Film & Television (online)
  • M.A. in Theatre



  Interests and Skills  
First of all, magicians love performing. They are natural performers with the ability to make people happy, and they thrive off the thrill of the crowd. Magicians are creative, adapt easily to new situations, and have good hand-eye coordination and tons of self-confidence. Acting, comedic timing and the ability to interact with children of all ages are a few essential skills for magicians. They must be healthy and strong, with good concentration and stamina. Magicians need to be intuitive, and able to read and react to an audience's mood. Those that are self-employed need to manage themselves, so good business sense is also important.

  Typical Tasks  
  • Practice old routines
  • Work alone or with colleagues to design new routines
  • Study new tricks, moves, techniques
  • Routine equipment maintenance
  • Pack, unpack, and set up equipment
  • Perform routines
  • Advertise services
  • The typical day for a magician will involve a little bit of everything. Practice and performing will dominate many days.
  • The more preparation, set up, and training that goes into a show, the longer the hours. Along with the actual performance, there is exercise, equipment maintenance, and writing and practicing new routines. However, there are also the routine parts of the job, like meeting with club and venue owners, agents, and costume fitters. Many days will be spend traveling around the city, country or even the world to performances and jobs. Magicians will also be required to take out ads, meet with agents, and build a client base from which to establish a career.

  Workplaces, Employers and Industries  
  • Magicians usually work part-time. Full time magicians are usually very talented, and connected to a powerful agent. Magicians work in night clubs, restaurants, community centers, and birthday parties. They can also be employed full time by circuses, traveling with the show from town to town.
  • Generally, magicians make their living by performing their acts at children's parties, adult fundraisers, hotels, and resorts. They may work in magical arts' training camps and schools, as well. Some magicians work in ensembles, while others perform alone. They will find themselves in backyards, on stages in an amphitheater, in smoky night clubs, and in restaurants. The audiences can be rude, inattentive, or disbelieving.

  Long Term Career Potential  
Magicians can become full-time magicians, and join a circus, traveling ensemble, or dedicate their lives to furthering their career, without focusing on any other jobs on the side. They may become instructors at magic schools and camps. They can take their show on the road, to buskers' and magic festivals and to television. They may become actors, stunt doubles, clowns or comedians. They may also choose to write books or publish articles about the world of magic.

  Educational Paths  
There is no specific training for anyone who wants to work as a magician. While there are courses and a few magic schools available for interested novices, a good idea is to constantly practice. Reading up on magic, including its history, its international and cultural appeal, as well as techniques and tricks is a good way to become familiar with this work. It is also a good idea to observe other magicians at work, and ask to mentor with an experienced magician. It may also be beneficial to take acting courses and other performance classes, as well as business courses which are helpful for self-employed magicians.

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Regent University

Regent University is one of the nation’s leading academic centers for Christian thought and action.

Programs Offered:
  • M.A. in Film & Television (online)
  • M.A. in Theatre

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