Preparing for Cosmetology And Esthetics School

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Preparing for Cosmetology And Esthetics School

If you are considering applying to a beauty school in the US, you might want to start planning now, before you graduate from high school. Cosmetology and esthetics programs can be found at both community colleges and career colleges, and these are challenging programs; therefore, it's important to plan your high school courses to set yourself up for success! Your area of interest will determine what you should take. If you are considering a more science-based esthetics program, you will want to take biology and chemistry. For the more artistic programs in cosmetology and nail art, courses in creative arts will help you get your inspiration flowing. Communication skills are an essential part of all programs in this industry, so don't neglect your English!

Since many career colleges do not have specific course requirements, there are several additional things that you can do to prepare for success in your beauty school application and studies:

  • Undertake to read and study independently. This is a good way to develop interests, expand your knowledge and improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills needed for these specialized programs. This will also help you if admission requirements include an interview, since you will be able to impress the interviewer or committee with the knowledge you have built up of terms and issues specific to your area or program of interest.

  • Beauty school admissions committees are usually interested in an applicant's personal qualities, which can be developed through participating in extracurricular activities. Consider joining or even starting school clubs, whether related to your area of interest or not. This is also a good way to develop demonstrated leadership skills, which are an important aspect of any application and will also help you once you get in and are dealing with course loads, instructors, peers, etc.

  • Prove your work ethic. Work experience -- paid or volunteer -- is an achievement often regarded highly by admissions committees. Any work experience or community involvement is beneficial since beauty schools include practical work with real clients, and you want to be able to show the school committee you have experience dealing positively with people.

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